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Apple has unveiled their latest and greatest iPhone 5 in September 2012. This smartphone has all of the features you can expect from an iOS device, and because it runs on iOS 6 you may get even more. Being newest model it has new design and best processing power in comparison of any other iPhone model. As expected, Apple released this device in 16, 32 and 64 GB storage capacity variants. But most anticipated 4G LTE is a welcome feature found in iPhone 5, which would now offer up to 100 Mb per second downloading with fastest network connection.

There are many other mobile phones in market, but if you love being Apple customer, who always offers best software to their customers, you would buy the best iPhone only.

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Apple iPhone 5 looks refreshingly sturdy with anodized aluminium coating on its back. Unlike previous iPhone models, this phone has metal and glass back panel. On face of iPhone 5 you would see strong scratch resistant corning gorilla glass, securing its new 4 inches LED-backlit screen. Apple claims that they used eco-friendly martial to design this new iPhone. They also claim that iPhone 5 is sleekest smartphone at just 7.6 mm depth in hand. Evidently, at just 112 grams weight, new iPhone 5 is most handy smartphone made by Apple. But that’s not the best part of iPhone 5’s design.

As this iPhone features full HD screen or in Apple terms “retina display”, you can take full benefit of amazing clarity of visuals and texts on its 16:9 ratios screen. Moreover, Apple has added A6 chipset to iPhone 5′s hardware, which means everything that runs on its display should be more fluid and absolute visuals treat. To empower better processor and bigger screen a mobile would need battery power. Thus, Apple added bigger and sleeker battery while managing space inside iPhone 5’s compact casing. It is an amazing fact that Apple has made their iPhone more powerful and made it less bulky at the same time.

Power of better processor can be experienced when you would use iOS 6 features on iPhone 5. With quad core Cortex A9 and tri core PowerVR SGX 543MP3, Apple A6 integrated iPhone 5 can handle heavy apps very efficiently. Apps like graphic intensive games that would run best on quad core powered new iPad, would now run equally smooth in iPhone 5. In fact, iPhone 5 would offer you greater processing speed at 1.2 GHz in comparison with dual core CPU of A5X chipset found in iPad 3. Even the primary camera of iPhone 5 has most advanced hardware. The 8 mega pixel camera has sapphire crystal glass cover on its five-optical lens made with 2.4/f wide aperture. This camera also has hybrid IR filter and BSI sensor to improve image quality. Both, Facetime camera and primary camera can record HD videos. With iOS 6 fresh features you can video call via cellular data, capture panoramic image and record 1080p HD video and stills simultaneously.

Apple iPhone 5 has several new software features that would work best with powerful A6 chipset. Thus to enjoy advanced technology at its best you would need to buy iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 Deals
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